Who we are ?

Leading, experienced distributor in the Medical and Life Science areas in Saudi Arabia since 2013, Provides full solution for multinationals, covering all local aspects with in house capabilities, growth oriented , maintains close business relations with the relevant ministries, medical and scientific institutions and healthcare providers, holds advanced regulatory affairs capabilities and compliance standards, reputed for best in class standards of operation and service , our Sales Team of 22 Well-Trained medical products specialists , capital of 20 millons Saudi Arabia , commercail of registration number 4650080818 , chamber of commerce and Industry 203001187541 and SFDA Establishment License : MDNR16074326.

Our Values

There is power in value. The idea of values always questions the status quo, We get familiar with high prices and forgot there can be smarter solutions,Value confronts blind practices and pushes innovation, in fact we can now talk about value and quality in the same sentence without compromise on function,value starts, Together we must enables humans to live better quality of life without burdening them with unjustified price tags for every day tools and systems needed for quality healthcare, People deserve quality healthcare with dignity and respect , Ultimately that is what we value , This human approach to better cost effective medical devices is what define our value code .

Our Capabilities

Change always starts somewhere. At AEM, e verything begins with and is driven by people, AEM was created and is managed by leaders in medical devices sector people who have been in the system and understand why it needs to changefor the better,this body of expertise touches every facet of who we are - from technology, design, materials and customer service we deliver. Each with a singular vision: lower healthcare costs because humans deserve better.

Our Solutions

We love the sound of rules breaking. It's what we are trying to do to make value a possibility in the medical device's world. We shattered the myth that high value is a result of commoditization. Simply put, we have found a smarter way, our solutions have everything familiar to surgeons and OR staff, yet with subtle innovations to improve on the gold standard our products already measure up to, nothing is smarter than the combination of high value with the elegance of effective design, Talk to us about how you can use smarter solutions to lower healthcare costs without compromising quality.